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Clemson Road Creative Academy
A tribe of independent consultants sharing services to seed, nurture, and grow their businesses. Together.

Consultants are the Jedi Masters of knowledge work. They share their experience, expertise, and skills with clients. They analyze, strategize, coach, and manage complex problem solving activities. Consultants sell their services to customers with specific challenges and they deliver targeted, results-driven solutions. Their perspective and advice get organizations unstuck, re-dedicated, and headed in the right direction.


Yet many consultancies treat consultants as if they are interchangeable. They bid on projects with proposals staffed by job titles, not experts. They assign resources like picking teams on a playground: the players who show up are judged against one another with availability as the primary desirable skill. They leave talent on the bench, underused and unpaid, while they bird dog lucrative contracts.


When consultants freelance, they do so for three reasons:

  1. autonomy - pick your own clients and set your own schedule;

  2. margin - keep the full value of your engagement; and

  3. relationships - control your reputation and your integrity throughout the process.


But, freelancing consultants have additional work beyond just delivering expertise. They must locate opportunities, discover needs and prepare proposals, win business and craft terms of engagement, sign contracts and collect payment. And then deliver services within the scope of work.


Clemson Road Creative is different.

At our core is valuing autonomy. We believe in an individual’s right to control her own destiny, create the business she wants to work in, and live the life she wants to live.

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