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What can Clemson Road do for you?
Our shared services include
1) Professional Development
2) Marketing
3) Project Management


Professional Development

Our curriculum is built to earn Clemson Road Certification©, a distinction that CRC Academy Alumnae are fully versed in CRC’s The R.O.A.D. Methodology©, proven to deliver services at the highest level of professionalism and expertise, and thought leaders in their disciplines. The Knowledge Base works two ways for enrolled cohort members.


First, access the learning resources you need to master The R.O.A.D. Methodology©. Become familiar with the concepts, vocabulary, and process for executing the methodology while delivering services. Through readings, videos, audio, and experiential learning exercises, the Knowledge Base will be your library for consulting business expertise.


Second, contribute to the Knowledge Base as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) or Discipline Master.

  • Our SMEs create short lessons, workshops, modules, and thought leadership branded with their own company elements and available for a la carte purchase by future Affiliates and online customers. SMEs receive payment for Knowledge Base elements created under their brand and sold through CRC.

  • Discipline Masters create full curricula establishing a consulting discipline within CRC. These curricula are also branded with the Master’s company distinctions and result in branded Badges for future Academy learners who complete them.


Both SMEs and Discipline Masters build their own Thought Leadership practices through CRC. Units sold, whether in a la carte purchases or Badge certifications, are revenue generated not just for CRC but for the contributors who build them.



The Marketing Strategies work at Clemson Road Creative is a knowledge transfer approach to building thought leadership. Academy learners work with the CRC team to develop a comprehensive marketing approach that uncovers their unique value proposition, categorizes their target audience, and generates content to deliver effective messaging.


The Marketing Strategies advantage that CRC offers is creating a schedule of manageable work to develop your marketing portfolio. Consultants need to generate a lot of content to establish their niche and thought leadership; CRC helps you create and follow a path for content development that turns the work into habit.


CRC Marketing Strategies teach you how to work specific channels: social media, blogs, workshops, networking, video, podcasting, ebooks and even full-length non-fiction books.


Project Management

Independent consultants are prospecting, proposal-writing, contract-signing, and delivering services. In Project Management, Clemson Road Consulting provides project oversight from signed contract through services validation. Utilizing the CRC project management platform, Academy learners track their delivery by quarter, month, week, and day. Following The R.O.A.D. Methodology©, CRC Academy learners predict and balance their workload. This is where asynchronous work and autonomy come together to achieve productivity.


The CRC advantage in Project Management is our learners and alumnae fulfilling contract work systematically instead of chasing deadlines. Also a knowledge transfer program, Project Management teaches the tools and skills needed to consistently deliver for clients and customers.

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