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When I described the Clemson Road remote, autonomous work environment to a table of young female professionals, their eyes sparkled with the possibilities. Could they really work when they want, where they want? Could they really expect the results they delivered to be...

The hottest trends in work/life balance (the term itself is a trend) include open-plan office spaces, cozy nooks for independent work, white board walls for collaboration, dogs on the premises and hobo-dress policies.

Flex time scheduling offers the illusion of autonomy...

Having a consultant on site, as “part of the team,” may sound appealing, but is it the best choice for you? Is a consultant’s visibility only defined by his physical presence? We at Clemson Road Creative say, “No.”

Clients often say they believe consultants can get the...

How will I know?

While consultants bill by the hour, it’s not the consultant’s time for which you’re paying. However tempting it may be to keep track of the number of hours the consultant spends onsite, efforts to do so are misspent. That level of scrutiny should be app...

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