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Why do content marketing?

Start Something, Columbia! took a second look at Content Marketing on the May 22nd episode. Here are the show notes:


Kasie Whitener, Clemson Road Consulting, Women’s Business Center of South Carolina at Columbia College

Larry Jennings, Capsure Studios

Theme for the day:

Part 2 of Content Marketing -- this topic is HUGE so we’re doing it all month long. Today we have a focus on video to start off and then a general “Should you?” conversation later.

Agenda review:

Hear from Roshanda Pratt, storyteller strategist and video content expert:

After I said last week that I don’t like video, I was approached by some video pros who wanted to help me understand why it’s so valuable. I get it, I do! I just don’t personally watch them, that’s all.

We’ll also hear from 1MC community member and our marketing guru buddy, Derek Walker in the second half of the show, he’s Brown and Browner Advertising and a great contributor to our community and 1MC sessions on Wednesday mornings.

Segment 1:

We’re going to start today with the conversation around video as content. Joining us on the phone (9:08) is Roshanda Pratt, an experienced TV producer and content creator.

Last week when we did the WBC of SC ribbon cutting, we had a live Facebook stream, but we also shot footage for a curated video we’ll produce after-the-fact to commemorate and share the excitement of the grand opening. Thanks to Bill Grant of Cinema Couture (a 1MC community member) for working that out for us.

When it comes to video content, live and curated are two different kinds of media, right? So let’s focus there.

Some questions for Roshanda:

What is the difference between live video and the curated videos we see online?

Why would a brand/company choose a live video over a curated one?

What are some best practices (2 or 3) you’d recommend for live video quality?

Her book is CEO OF LIVE VIDEO: Discover The Fundamentals Of Dominating Live Video Through The Eyes Of A Producer, With A Step-By-Step Formula To Engage And Convert Your Viewers it’s available on Amazon for $9.99 Kindle edition and has 14 reviews that are all 5 stars.

Segment 4:

Okay, some of our listeners aren’t doing content at all. So let’s get more general about it. Welcome Derek Walker of Brown and Browner Advertising (9:40) to the phone to discuss content marketing a little bit more broadly.

Here’s a Forbes article 5 Reasons Every Company Should be Using Content Marketing by AJ Agrawal

  • Sharable content is trending -- sharing the right content at the right time on the right channels can be a full-time job. AJ says hire someone to focus on that. He’s an entrepreneur, he should know that’s cuckoopants. So how can we do this without hiring a full timer? -- Derek?

  • Content will always be king -- what you’re providing must 1) have value, 2) be promoted, and 3) be optimized for search engines; this is the technical side of content; how can we identify the optimal content for SEO? Derek?

  • Core of business perception -- everything from spelling and grammar to tone and subject matter, it all sets your brand apart from other providers; How do we determine what our brand’s tone, vocabulary, and subject expertise should be?

Extra resources in case we need discussion -- we probably won’t between Roshanda and Derek, but we might.

  1. Build trust

  2. Build brand awareness

  3. Improve SEO rankings for your website

  4. Generate leads

  5. Attract ideal buyers

  6. Build brand authority

  7. Backlinks improve SEO as well

What’s great about blogger lists is that they usually have some perfect-sounding number -- like 10 -- and then sometimes struggle to come up with 10 unique items to fill the list; as was the case with this article, some redundancies there.

Link to “This Old Marketing” with John Pulizzi and Robert Rose -- topic: “No, Not Everyone Should Do Content Marketing.”

GOLD MINE Article:

Jodi Harrisgives us “A Road Map to Success: Resources to Refresh Your Content Marketing” (also on content marketing; she reminds us that content must be 1) Relevant, 2) Value, and 3) Consistent. Common goals for content marketing:

  • Brand awareness: Getting discovered by the right consumers

  • Audience engagement: Capturing the interest of casual readers and nurturing them into subscribers

  • Lead generation: Identifying and qualifying consumers who are most likely to become customers

  • Driving loyalty and evangelism: Retaining your existing customers by increasing their positive perception of and satisfaction with your business

  • Increasing sales and profitability: Closing more deals, reducing your marketing costs, and opening up new revenue streams.

Segment 4:

Events of the week -- 1 Million Cups Columbia meets tomorrow morning, 9 a.m. at the Richland Library on Assembly Street. Hear from Chris Wellington of Fooseye.

OSDBU 2018 "Getting Back 2 Business" Outreach Eventis Wednesday, May 23, 2018 - 8:00am EDT the SBA is participating, that’s at Harbison Theatre, 7300 College St., Irmo, SC 29063

Come support Kat Gandy on May 23rd in the student concert series Main Street Music Series at Main St Public House from 7-9 PM, in the heart of downtown.

SC Launch Summit 2018 is Thursday, May 24, 2018 - 10:00am EDT; The purpose of the SC Launch Annual Summit is to foster collaboration, encourage networking and promote the exchange of ideas. SCRA is excited to highlight the innovative companies across South Carolina. That’s at the USC Alumni Center, 900 Senate Street, Columbia, SC 29201;

Find the Point! Is at Delaney’s in Five Points for the third week in a row, that’s Thursday evening 5 to 7 p.m. Join Shane Sweeney of Swampfox Radio and me, Kasie Whitener, of Start Something, Columbia! For drinks every Thursday.

Main Street Music Series - 5/30 - Come support this band showcase featuring The Knowbodyz, Two Way Street and Serious FM, in the student concert series at Main St Public House from 7-9 PM, in the heart of downtown. Get some food, drinks, support and enjoy an amazing evening of music!

Q&A -- be sure to promote the phone number 799-8255; let people call in, tweet us, email them, collect them at 1MC, create a list of questions and answers

Final Sign Offs: Remind about 1MC and next week’s guest’s name and business

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