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Clemson Road Creative Academy

Let's get our ducks in a row.

Why do people become consultants?

They know stuff. Important stuff. 


You have industry expertise. You know the people and the things that businesses need to know for their new products, projects, and visions to succeed.


You have the good experiences. You’ve been on the front lines when a big sales goal was achieved, a customer milestone was reached, a huge deal was signed and executed.


You have the bad experiences. You’ve been digging the ditches on acquisitions, failed projects, challenging hires, and corporate scandals.


Your resume is too thick for one page.


People become consultants because they have knowledge worth transferring. Knowledge other people will pay for.

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Enrolling Now!

The 2nd & Gervais Cohort starts in September.  Complete this form to claim your FREE call to determine if joining this cohort is the right choice for you.

How do YOU build a consulting business?

You want to be a consultant. But you don’t know how to run the business.

We’re the professional development program for you.


We will train you.

  • How to run a consulting business.

  • Find and claim your niche.

  • Develop and brand your methodology.

  • Earn and execute business. Proposals, deliverables, and invoices, oh my!


Get real. Then get paid.


How much does it cost?

People ask consultants this All.The.Time. We even answered it in a blog.


Join CRC as a platform member and gain access to online courses:


  • $99/month – On Ramp

  • $199/month – Passing Lane


Project Management:

  • $99/month – On Ramp

  • $199/month – Passing Lane

How does consulting work?

The business of knowledge is blurry.


A lot of people call themselves consultants without actually operating a consulting practice. They have good intentions but just don’t know how to do the work required of consultants.


You need a niche. What’s your specialty and who will pay you for it?


You need a methodology. How do you talk about the work you do? How do you progress from start to finish and deliver results?

You need deliverables. What work artifacts are you producing for your clients? Are you doing something new every time or operating in Best Practice Land where you get the desired results every time?


Managing a consulting practice is different than being a member of someone else’s consulting team.


It’s different than running a project or building a program. And yet your practice is your future. It’s the base from which you sell your services to new clients.


Shouldn’t you get the basics right?

Start Here.

Join CRC Academy first and learn how the entire system works. Throughout your curriculum, you’ll have your cohort members to depend on, Kasie and Jodie as leaders for the project management and marketing work, and the real work you’ve done inside your business to stabilize and document your operations.


CRC Academy does have a cohort element.


You’ll meet other consultants working to establish and build their businesses. But the real work is done one-on-one with Dr. Kasie Whitener and Jodie Cain Smith. In sessions stretching the length of your program, you will work on and in your business to learn, adopt, and customize the R.O.A.D. Methodology for business management.


Cohorts enroll twice yearly. Payments are made in full before the cohort commences. A full refund is available within 45 days of the program.


CRC Academy is $2500 for the full curriculum.

Image by Karsten Würth (@karsten.wuerth)
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