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CRC Summer School 2024

A totally honest approach to Business Launch and Growth

A business model canvas deep dive for analyzing your business and getting yourself on the right track.


The Nine-Week course in three phases, with one week “off”:

  • Desirability - Value Proposition, Customer Segments, Customer Relationships, Customer Channels

  • Viability – Cost Structure, Revenue Streams

  • Feasibility – Key Partners, Key Activities, Key Resources


First & Greene - Summer 2024 Class

June 6th - Introduction and BMC Overview

June 13th – Value Proposition canvas

June 20th – Customer Segments

June 27th – Customer Channels and Relationships


July 11 – Viability - Cost structure

July 18 – Viability - Revenue Streams

July 25 – Feasibility - Key Activities

Aug 1 – Feasibility – Key Resources & Partners 

Aug 9 – Final Presentations - Your Business Model Canvas & Your 9-week Action Plan


Follow-up (add-on):

Weekly Check-Ins on your Action Plan

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