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Did someone say remote, asynchronous work environment?

Redesign Work

A progressive approach to managing work in the knowledge economy.

We dream of redesigning our kitchens, closets, and backyards. So, why don’t we dream of redesigning our work?

Perhaps because until 2020, no one forced us to work differently.


Things we learned in 2020:

  • Chew mint gum when wearing a mask.

  • If you’re not paying for the product, you are the product.

  • Work is broken.


As the pandemic crested in the U.S. late spring, schools and businesses closed. Folks went home, fired up the wifi and set about their new digital lives. Some businesses thrived: workers had mobile devices, critical resources were stored in the cloud, and connectivity was managed over a secure network. 


These businesses found themselves asking, “Why didn’t we do this before now?” Perhaps because we were so busy chasing that work/life balance we never stopped to picture how to actually achieve it.


Other businesses struggled with the onslaught of pandemic restrictions: laptops needed to be purchased, configured, and issued; documents needed to be secured, approved for removal, or scanned to the cloud; worry permeated decision making and the phrase “back to normal” became an urgent chant.


They needed to transform and wanted to facilitate work for their employees, but the redesign overwhelmed them.


Where was your business?


Did you have enough digital resources to transform into #WFH with ease? Or did your time cards and paper memos and “she’s only working if I can see her” management style provide a rude awakening as things came to a total standstill?


Or, was your business somewhere in between?


Our research indicates the majority of businesses were somewhere in between. There’s a spectrum of preparedness for what 2020 delivered and those companies that made the necessary adjustments and came through remote work okay might now be considering making “remote” a permanent operating status.


Is that you?


Then you need us. And, you're ready to Redesign Work.

Call (803) 569-8200 to get started today.

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Working From Home
Working from Home


We help companies move from contingency plan to strategically remote. From “if we have to” to “because we can.” And from “it works okay,” to “it’s how we do things.”


We mid-career knowledge-economy professionals know that the 8-to-5 industrial standard is an archaic practice. How many times have you said:

  • Just being here doesn’t mean I’m working.

  • I shouldn’t have to use PTO to take my kid to an appointment.

  • I spent more time today on LinkedIn than I did on my actual job.

  • I don’t have to be at this desk to do this work.


Forty hours is not indicative of the value you add to the company. Your knowledge, expertise, and capabilities are far more valuable than the time you use to deliver them. So why is our entire work model based on time?


Redesign Work is a revolution in business operations and employment. It goes further than flextime and job sharing to accommodate new moms and eldercare responsibilities. It goes further than remote work and at home days to provide a comfortable work environment. It goes further than contractors, part-timers, and 1099s to provide autonomy.


Redesign Work is about three things: 1) Results-oriented work environments that manage the work, not the people; 2) Autonomous working arrangements that evolve with the contributor’s role and stage in life; and 3) Full use of technology, space, and creativity to foster an organizational culture that values contributors for what they do.


We Wrote the Book on Remote Work

Redesign Work Vol 1: A Beginner’s Guide to Autonomy will help you redesign your work so that the mundane 8 – 5 is a thing of your past. No more punching a clock. No more anxiety-inducing commute. No more micromanaging.


This volume introduces founders, executives, managers, and employees alike to a life of working when and where you want (We do!), and producing results even when you don’t want to (We do this, too, because we are adults and the things must be done). Gain a greater sense of belonging within your company and enthusiasm for the work you do.


Build a team that values innovation, trusts leadership, and is trusted to deliver results. 

Say it with us: "autonomy"

Let us help you craft a Redesign Work strategy. Incorporate results-oriented management and autonomous arrangements into your culture. You have the resources, we have the know-how.


Call (803) 569-8200 today.

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