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So you want to be a consultant?

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In November, Dr. Whitener spoke at two workshops for the City of Columbia’s Office of Business Opportunities kicking off the Consulting Basics Road Show.

Tuesday’s workshop, “So You Want to be a Consultant?” covered the consulting business model and what would-be consultants can expect when packaging, selling, and delivering consulting services.

Thursday’s workshop, “How do Consultants Get Paid?” explained pricing models, the process for determining what to charge clients, and some key documents consultants use to confirm services and payment.

Both topics will be reprised in webinars hosted by CRC in December. Register here.

Read Like a Writer

On October 6, 2018, Dr. Kasie Whitener presented "Read Like a Writer" to the Pat Conroy Literary Center's 2nd Annual Lowcountry Book Club Convention. The event was made possible by grants from the SC Humanities Council and Kasie was contacted through the Speakers Bureau of SC Humanities Council, of which she is a member.  Among the tips for the Book Club attendees, Dr. Whitener suggested they give up on bad books as soon as they realize they're not interested, that they consider what would have happened if The Great Gatsby was written from Daisy's point of view instead of Nick, and that they encourage and prepare for dissent over a book selected for the club's reading.

More than anything, Kasie thought the listeners ought to know that reading like a writer will get them kicked out of Book Club. They've been warned.

Thanks to Jonathan Haupt, Executive Director, and Maura Connelly, Communication & Events Coordinator at the Pat Conroy Literary Center for a lovely trip to Beaufort, a great audience, and a really fun event.

Click the Slide Deck button to see the entire presentation and the Script button for a transcript of the speech.

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Start Something, Columbia


"Start Something, Columbia!" is a radio show by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. Brought to you by the Women's Business Center of South Carolina at Columbia College, "Start Something, Columbia!" is on The Point 100.7, Columbia's only local talk radio station every week, Tuesday from 9 a.m. until 10 a.m. 

Clemson Road Consulting Managing Partner Dr. Kasie Whitener is the show's primary host with The Ultimate Mompreneur Shennice Cleckley as co-host. The program is meant to build and bolster the 1 Million Cups Columbia entrepreneur community but also to grow the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Columbia and the state of South Carolina.

Topics for the show have included Digital Marketing, Branding, Failure, Pivots, and Sales Process. See the link to the right to view the podcast and show notes for archived episodes. The notes include hyperlinks to the various articles used, the specific topics discussed on the show, guests and their information.

By the Numbers

Here are the stats we shared on the program about women-owned businesses:


  • 11.6 Million women-owned businesses in the US;

  • 9 million people employed by a woman-owned business in the US;

  • $1.7 trillion in revenues generated by women-owned businesses;

  • 849 woman-owned businesses started each day;

  • South Carolina has an estimated

  • 164,400 women-owned businesses,

  • employing 111,200 and

  • contributing roughly $15.7 billion in sales. 

Write On SC

Screenshot 2018-10-06 17.15.34.png

This radio show is a weekly broadcast on a local talk radio station in Columbia, S.C. that is simultaneously streamed on the internet. The recordings will be turned into a podcast for access by people anytime, anywhere. On the show, we will explore the writing craft: brainstorming, process, publishing, and sales. We’ll interview SC authors with books to sell and SC writers with ideas to work up into stories.

Led by Dr. Kasie Whitener, a professional writer and University of South Carolina instructor, the podcast will work to promote SC writers and fill a gap in writer education in this state: weekly writing craft workshops. 

Featured Contributors include:

Bonnie Stanard, Historical Fiction Author and Children's Author

McKendree Long, Western Adult Fiction Author

Rex Hurst, Adult Science Fiction and Horror Author

Mary Sturgill, Non-fiction Storyteller and Author

Brian Barr, Science Fiction Author

Marketing for Entrepreneurs

Delivered to the FastTrac cohort at Midlands Technical College, Columbia, S.C.

February 13, 2018

Entrepreneurs are busy people. In this 60-minute presentation, Dr. Whitener provided some ideas on what to look for in research, how to shift from marketing to sales, and how to focus your time and energy on the right marketing efforts. 

These aren't the droids you're looking for...

"Marketing Don'ts for Small Businesses"

delivered to the Small Business Conference hosted by the City of Columbia, S.C. Office of Business Opportunity on May 4th, 2017

Dr. Whitener spoke to a crowd of about 40 learners for this session. Below are the link to the Prezi, clips from Star Wars she used to keep the "May the fourth be with you" theme, speaker's notes, and the associated blog posts are linked, too.

From Hobbyist to Entrepreneur

Adults, Free Workshop

delivered as part of the Richland County Public Library's business education series

February 6, 2018

Catalog description:

How do you go from hobbyist to entrepreneur? When you get paid for the work you do, you’re in business. This workshop will covered the basic business models: service-based, product-based, and side hustle. We reviewed hiring choices and growth strategies. Think it’s time to quit your day job and be an entrepreneur full time? This workshop talked about “taking the leap” and the key factors you should consider when determining your business’s viability. We even took an entrepreneur evaluation that prepared us to discuss Tenacity, Adaptability, and Resilience, key entrepreneur traits. 

Dr. Whitener presented to 21 adult learners in the RCPL career center.

Learners' Workbook
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