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CRC Academy is Enrolling the 2nd & Gervais Cohort Now

Your third act.

Your response to the ridiculousness that is corporate life.

Your chance to do what you want to do instead of what someone else tells you to.


Are you ready to start your own consulting practice? CRC Academy is the perfect on ramp for executive refugees who think they’d like to go it alone. 


We teach the fundamentals of consulting: 

  • how to find your niche, 

  • define your services, and 

  • deliver results. 

We teach marketing like 

  • blogging for beginners, 

  • developing a content marketing habit, and 

  • using social media to find and connect with your audience. 


CRC Academy is How to be a Consultant 101.

Learn The R.O.A.D. Methodology for operating a successful practice. We break each category of business into an easy-to-follow habit. 

  • Develop your niche with targeted Reach. 

  • Win business with Opportunity tools like proposals and statements of work. 

  • Achieve results with an Action plan that exceeds your client’s expectations. 

  • Get them where they want to be with a Destination of success. 

Move each project through your business pipeline, The R.O.A.D., and keep your practice full of projects and paid work.

CRC Academy is a 12-week engagement program that includes:

  • 6 self-paced training modules on The R.O.A.D. Methodology

  • 6 one-on-one coaching sessions with Dr. Kasie Whitener, author of The R.O.A.D. Methodology

  • 3 self-paced marketing modules plus the Content Marketing Planner

  • 3 Strategy sessions with Jodie Cain Smith, author of CRC’s Content Marketing Planner


You determine the pace for your curriculum: plan around a busy schedule, work the Academy into your life. The program, including certification, can be completed in 12 weeks or less.


CRC Certification

CRC Academy graduates who complete the course work and apply for certification earn the right to display the CRC Certified logo on their website and other branded materials. CRC certification is an indication your consulting practice is legitimate, reliable, and trustworthy. 


We worked with the South Carolina Department of Commerce, SCMEP, and the Small Business Development Center to understand the unique challenges facing businesses who wish to hire a consultant in our state. The resounding response: there’s just no way to know whether a consultant is qualified, legitimate, or worth the money.


We created a program for independent consultants that would deliver that validation. CRC Certified consultants create real, valuable results for the organizations that hire them. 


We are working to raise the standard of South Carolina independent consultants. CRC Academy is the first step in validating your own business. Register now.

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