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You’re Overpaying Your Consultants

They’re going to hate me for saying this, but you’re paying too much for consulting services.

We’re not cheap either, I promise. We, the consultants of CRC have advanced degrees, tons of experience, and the fluidity and flexibility to be awesome. But we don’t bill for our time.

We focus on meeting specific project goals and delivering results in specific areas rather than promising to solve every issue you have in exchange for an inflated hourly rate. So, yes, the other consultancies are going to hate this truth bomb.

Hourly billing is stupid.

More on why time is a terrible way to measure results here .

We don’t bill hourly and because we don’t, we’re pretty sure we’re delivering better results than they are. CRC creates a Road Map for each project that outlines deliverables and tracks the work we’re doing to get our clients to project completion. We bill clients for results, not for the hours it takes us to deliver the awesome.

We start with honesty.

We won’t ask you to pay a PhD (Kasie) for 40 hours a week of work. Your project won’t take that much time from her. Trust us. If Kasie worked 40 hours for any one client, they wouldn’t be able to keep up. In other consultancy models, Kasie would be solely assigned to your project and you’d pay as much as $250 an hour for her. And, even though she only needed to give you about 15 hours of her awesomeness a week, the consultancy would assume she was in for 40 and bill you for it.

We won’t surprise you with extra expenses.

We’re not going to charge you for travel after the fact. We’re not going to be on site 50% of the time, either. We will plan strategic visits and build the estimated cost of travel into the monthly rate. Let us worry about how much travel costs. If we underestimate the cost, we take the hit. Seriously, you focus on you. In other models, after they billed you for Kasie’s full salary, they’d ask you to cover her travel, too, no matter how expensive that last minute plane ticket was or the fact that being onsite is not necessary in a digital world.

More on why we don’t believe being in the building is work here.

We practice “Resource, not rescue.”

We won’t save you, but rather, we will teach you how to save yourself. Our model is to organize your team and create a process in your organization that your people can own and operate after we’re gone. Whatever we’re building for you is going to meet your end goals and eventually you’ll be doing it with your existing personnel. And because we’re not here to do it for you we won’t charge you for every single person the project needs. Instead, we’ll charge for our experience and expertise and pair that with the resources you already have in your building. Other models would map out a full project team, evaluate your resources as inadequate, and then generously offer to staff those roles for a premium. We create solutions that match your capabilities, not ours.

We can’t be everything, so we don’t pretend to be.

Our projects, while customized for each client, are niche efforts within our specific skill set. When outside resources such as graphic designers, website developers, or video engineers are needed, we work with you to source those skills through a network of collaborators. We are not a full-service, one-stop-shop management consultancy. We wouldn’t pretend to be so in a proposal and then frantically search for people to fill roles we promised to provide. Our collaborator network is based in the Connection Economy. We help them, they help us. In fact, you may like our friends so much you want to hire them for other gigs.

At Clemson Road Creative, we are proven professionals in education, marketing, writing, and research. We are polished consultants interested in helping you achieve your goals. We work as a team and profit as a team with each consultant earning a salary paid by monthly engagement fees from our clients.

Want to learn more about how we determine the monthly engagement fee? Click here.

We do not represent any specific vendor, we are not licensed in someone else’s methodology, and we don’t try to sell software solutions, monogrammed handbags, or delicious $4 boxes of cookies into your organization.

We help. We connect. We bring the awesome.

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