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Know your audience, choose the platform

The key to good content marketing is to find your readers.

But, how? Where are they?

You can research this two ways: 1) follow them on Twitter and notice what they share, and 2) ask them. Ask them with a simple poll on any and all of your platforms to figure out where you should be sharing valuable information.

If you want to reach an audience of business professionals looking for business content, try LinkedIn. If you’re trying to reach an audience of creatives and entrepreneurs, try Medium. In both cases, though, house the original content on your own website, your own blog, and drive the traffic from LinkedIn or Medium back to YOUR site.

Your audience has questions. Provide the answers.

If you're educating them, they'll stay and if they stay, they'll buy.

Some quick ways to get blogging topics:

Google will give you your audience’s questions. Start writing a question in the Search box and Google will display suggested questions that have been asked before. Make note of those questions and write content to answer them.

Take to Twitter to see what your customers are saying. What articles are they sharing? What are their comments on those articles? Who are they following? What kind of content are those people producing? Write what your readers want to read and they’ll find you.

For more Marketing Don'ts for Small Business, go Backstage.

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