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How the Academy Cohort Works

Our Academy learners enroll on a specific service plan. The 1st & Main Cohort made up of five women is in this for one year: July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020.

They’re paying to be part of the program, but they’re also providing us with a lot of feedback on everything from the branding of the thing to the training modules we’ve created and shared with them to the operational artifacts we provide them.

We’ve organized the Academy into cohorts small, collaborative entities within CRC that can leverage each other for support and experience. Each cohort is expected to take the journey together, learn the methodology, become certified, grow their businesses, stabilize and specialize, and also collaborate and contribute to the CRC knowledge base for future cohorts.

Our 1st & Main Cohort is so named because this is the first year of enrollment and they represent a variety of market segments. Meet our 1st & Main Cohort here.

With consultants in healthcare technology, marketing, business coaching, Latino market crosslinking, and non-profit event planning, we needed to be as agile as possible with our approach. In future cohorts, we may segment by market, region, or specialty, if needed and the opportunity presents itself.

In October, we hope to enroll the 1st & Gervais cohort: Another diverse group of Columbia-based independent consultants.

Once a cohort “graduates” they become part of the Alumnae network and can remain engaged with CRC services. In 2020, we expect to expand our services offering to include prospecting and financial management. We hope CRC Alumni will stay engaged and continue to share their expertise with future cohort learners.

Our vision is hundreds of The R.O.A.D. Methodology Certified independent consultants who have all learned from us and one another, built successful consultancies, and are living the independent life they want to live. We think of ourselves as a kind of gateway to independent prosperity.

Interested in learning more about CRC Academy and the upcoming 1st & Gervais cohort? Call 803-569-8200

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