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So You Want to be a Consultant?

You know stuff. Important stuff. Valuable stuff.

Perhaps you’ve been working in an industry for long enough that you know the major players, the processes people rely on to get things done, and how long it takes for change to take hold.

Maybe you’ve mastered a specific program or product and can teach others that skill. You might be the very best at it in the region, the industry, or the world.

What you know is valuable. That knowledge could pay your bills.

You’ve been thinking about starting your own business as a consultant. Selling that stuff you know to people who need it in short projects that translate into flexible, focused, results-oriented work.

Organizing your consulting practice seems pretty easy. You already have contacts in the industry who need what you have to sell. You might even be able to sell your services back to your current employer. You have a home office, a willingness and ability to travel, and a working knowledge of WordPress that resulted in a beautiful new website.

You may even have a cool name for your business and a logo.

We know a lot of consultants like you. They’re smart and knowledgeable. They have a genuine desire to help their clients. They love the flexibility of organizing their own work and the measurable results they get from being focused on a single project at a time.

But, running a consulting practice is more than delivering what your clients need.

Consulting is prospecting for new clients in your designated niche. It’s creating content that demonstrates your expertise and turns prospects into clients. It’s evaluating what those clients need and creating a focused scope of work. Only THEN can you deliver the work. After which, you need to measure results and close out the engagement. And the entire cycle begins again.

The consulting business model is not something consultants are usually experts in. They’re usually industry- or functional-experts. They know stuff. Like you.

Running a business is a specific set of skills. CRC has them. We teach them. And we can teach you. Enroll in Clemson Road Academy and we’ll help you organize your business. Using our proprietary methodology The R.O.A.D., your practice can cover all the bases: prospecting, marketing, proposals and agreements, services delivery, and validation of results.

Clemson Road Academy is an immersive, blended model of learning that fits your schedule and offers professional development in a key area: entrepreneurship. You know stuff. We get it. But do you know how to run a consulting practice? Let us teach you.

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