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Road Trip Tips

I’m a bit of a road warrior. Been there, did that, bought the t-shirt.

Whether I’m traveling back and forth from Virginia to South Carolina for family or Columbia and Clemson for football Saturdays or beginning a new venture for CRC, I apply the same methodology—proven tactics that get me where I need to go then home again safe and sound.

So, fellow road warriors, here are my tried and true road trip tips:

Pack smart, pack lean.

If I’m going to Clemson for Gameday, I don’t pack a formal gown and heels. Those will just get in the way and clutter my suitcase. The same applies to my business. CRC only offers services in areas of our expertise and niche market. Over the years we have streamlined our line card so that our energy and focus goes to our signature services—CRC Shared Services Platform (consultancy support), CRC Academy (consultancy training), and CRC Management Consulting (software implementations & organizational change).

Don’t go it alone.

Road trips are always better with a friend, especially one that travels as well as you do and shares your tastes in car snacks, roadside attractions, and mileage between stops. Early in my CRC journey, I had to admit I didn’t know it all and couldn’t do it all. So, I reached out to small business coaches and fellow entrepreneurs ready to share lessons learned. CRC has expanded this idea of knowledge sharing into a shared services platform that allows independent consultants to share operational services while learning and applying the CRC R.O.A.D. Methodology to their own businesses.

Know when to turn off the GPS.

Before you drive into a lake a la Michael and Dwight on The Office, know when to turn off the GPS and follow a different path. For a consultant or small business owner, knowing when to pivot and why is crucial. Often, entrepreneurs find themselves isolated by the sheer amount of work required and metrics that tell only half the story. When this happens, a pivot in services offered or products marketed may be necessary. To determine this, consider what your stakeholders have told you including your customers, team members, mentors, and advisors. Also consider market projections alongside your most successful services.

Ready to become a road warrior? Click here or call 803-569-8200 to learn about enrollment in CRC Academy.

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